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Satellite antenna Televes 0.65 (offset), ref. 753510

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Satellite antenna Televes 0.65 (offset) - one of the best antennas in its class. Produced in Portugal at a factory owned by the Spanish company Televes. In this product all the latest technologies of antenna technology are collected and implemented.

        Made of special high-strength steel, which is not subject to thermal and temporary deformations, it is opened by a three-layer coating, each of the layers of which serves to give the antenna specific anti-corrosion and reflective properties. This allows the satellite antenna Televes 0.65m. work much more efficiently than analogs of other manufacturers of similar diameter.

     Crush sp_vv_dnoshennya tsіni ik dakti on the market.

     Parabolic reflector galvanized steel.

     Reflector and bracket pokritі polіefіrno Thermoemal.

     Plastic Trimach LNB, styled to date ultraviolet promene 40 mm.

     Stainless steel guinea.

         Above, the antenna is covered with polyester powder paint, which, even in harsh operating conditions on the Atlantic coast, where these antennas are manufactured and actively used, can withstand many years of use without undergoing changes in appearance and characteristics. The antenna mounts are made with a multiple safety margin, since in the region of its production saline winds from the Atlantic Ocean often exceed 45 m / s and these are normal operating conditions for this antenna.

The basic parameters of the antenna Televes 650 OFFSET, ref. 753510:

- Gain at 11.70 GHz: 36 dB;

- Operating frequency range: 10.7-12.75 GHz;

- Offset angle: 26 degrees;

- Metal thickness: 0.65 mm;

- Mirror material: steel;

- Deviation of elevation angle: 10-60 degrees.

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