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Televes Avant HD ref. 5328


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Televes Avant HD 5328 Universal Programmable Headend (HS) is designed to amplify analog and digital over-the-air and satellite broadcast signals.

Programming and control of Avant HD 5328 can be carried out using a programmer or from a PC.

The cloning function allows you to copy the Televes Avant HD 5328 configuration to the console and then write the same configuration to another Televes Avant HD device.

Monitoring can be carried out locally or remotely via a telephone line, the Internet or GSM.

The Avant device allows you to implement complex HS direct amplification in the terrestrial and satellite ranges, receiving at one of its outputs the total signal of the terrestrial channels, and at the second of the outputs - the total signal of both the terrestrial and satellite channels.

Avant can be used as part of a single HW with devices of the T-05, T.0X series

Televes Avant HD 5328 has 7 inputs with separate amplification: three UHF inputs, which correspond to 10 filters with variable bandwidths of 8, 16, 24, 32 and 40 MHz, and which can be grouped in various combinations for each of the UHF inputs; one input to MW 1 and MW 2, one input to MW 3, one ShP MV-UHF input and one IF satellite input, as well as two broadband outputs - one MATV and one MATV + IF.

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