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Satellite antenna Triax TD-64



Offset, azimuthal satellite antenna Triax TD Series. The overall size of the mirror is 60 x 65 cm. Installing a satellite dish on one satellite.

The satellite antenna Triax TD 64 is made of a special alloy based on steel, which guarantees its mechanical strength and preservation of the mirror geometry unchanged during transportation, installation of the satellite antenna and its operation. The satellite antenna has a triple anticorrosive plating and a composite coating, applied by the method of powder deposition with a reflow. Such anti-corrosion protection prevents any harmful aggressive effects of the external environment, such as salt fog in coastal sea areas, the influence of chemically active components of industrial emissions, seasonal temperature fluctuations, solar ultraviolet radiation, etc. The Triax satellite antenna does not change its appearance (i.e., there are no signs of corrosion and the curvature of the antenna’s roar due to heterogeneous wind loads) and electrical parameters for many years of operation.

Triax satellite antennas are strictly controlled by electrical and mechanical parameters, in particular on the resonance effects under wind loads. Triax satellite dishes are guaranteed to withstand wind pressure up to 42 m / s.

The satellite antenna Triax TD 64 has an original aluminum folding converter holder, which significantly reduces its weight and facilitates the assembly and adjustment of the satellite antenna. Installation of a satellite dish directly on the console (wall bracket or floor stand) is carried out without the use of any tool, since convenient nut clamps are used in fastening clamps. This greatly facilitates the installation of a satellite dish in hard to reach places.

The satellite antenna Triax TD 64 has proven itself in satellite sets designed to work on one satellite, for example, EutelSat W4 36E, Hot Bird 13E, etc. Despite the small size of a satellite dish mirror, the level and quality of the signal received from it is much higher than that of satellite antennas of the same diameter from other manufacturers, for example, produced by Variant (Kharkov), MABO (Poland), Telesystems (Italy), Yota (Latvia ). This is due to the higher surface utilization rate of the satellite dish mirror produced by Triax. The electrical parameters implemented by the Triax satellite antenna make it possible to have a significant signal margin in case of adverse weather effects and even effectively use this satellite antenna in systems with multi-fiddles, for example, to receive a signal simultaneously from Sirius (Astra) 4.8E satellites, Hot Bird 13E, Amos 4W .


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