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Satellite antenna Triax TD-78 dark red (aluminum)

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  The professional, offset aluminum Satellite dish Triax 0.78 (Triax TD78) is an extra strong and super-quality satellite dish manufactured abroad (produced by Triax TD78 in Denmark).

            Why buy Triax 0.78 (Triax TD78)?

           The Triax 0.78 satellite dish is produced on high-class equipment from high-quality materials, which allows the satellite dish to have an ideal form allowing maximum signal reception with a high level, to be very durable to wind and weather loads, to be light and comfortable during the assembly and configuration stages. Such satellite dishes are sometimes called aluminum satellite dishes, but they received this name due to light weight and material (aluminum).

          The antenna is great for installation in the eastern and central parts of Ukraine on the Eutelsat satellite (36 ° E).

          If you need a reliable, not rusting, not bending from the wind and snow, with an excellent level of signal reception satellite dish, then you should buy a satellite dish Triax 0.78 (Triax TD78).

       Both steel and aluminum versions of antennas of various sizes are available. All Triax plates have been tested for wind resistance according to the ETSI standard ETS 300158.

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