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Openbox S3 Micro HD

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We present you a novelty of the market at an optimal price, a modern budget HDTV set-top box Openbox S3 Micro HD - built on an ALI 3510 processor.

Modern and fast processor with 32-bit architecture

Compatible with DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG2 / MPEG4, HDTV broadcast standards

Resize menus and fonts depending on the mode (480p / 576p, 720p, 720p / 1080i, 1080i, 1080p)

Maximum ease and convenience of work

Supports USB-WiFi adapters (for example, Openbox® Air) and 3G Modems

Having two USB 2.0 host ports for different devices

Compatible with FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS file systems

Reproduction of films in AVI, MKV with high bitrate

View JPEG photos and MP3 music player

Built-in file manager

"Dual display" mode - simultaneous output of images of different quality to HDMI (1080) and analog outputs (576i)

Provides installation behind the TV, complete external IR receiver

Fast and convenient software update, transfer settings via USB drive (without a computer)

12V power - the ability to work from the car in nature

Minimum size and power consumption

YouTube and VKontakte services (where allowed)

Full and high-quality localization for the CIS market

Its main advantage is its minimalism, as the receiver has small dimensions, and the plastic case of the console has a large number of vents, so that problems with overheating are excluded even in the hottest weather.

The bottom of the tuner has the largest number of connectors:

RF IN - satellite dish

AV OUT - analog output signal

USB - the first USB 2.0 input

HDMI - digital signal output for connecting to TV

On the side we find only one IR connector for connecting an external IR receiver.

At the top of the console are the remaining means of communication:

RS 232 - serial port

USB - second USB 2.0 input

DC 12V - power supply console

 Installing the console on the back of the TV allows you to hide "out of sight" tight wires that follow the console itself. Such a solution will look aesthetically pleasing when the TV is installed on the wall, as well as with a classic installation on a stand (cabinet).

The console has no built-in receiver of IR commands from the remote control, for any installation it is necessary to connect an external "eye" !!!!!

The presence of two USB ports allows you to simultaneously connect a Wi-Fi adapter and a drive ("USB flash drive"), which affects the optimality and timeliness of work.

 Openbox S3 Micro HD has an excellent remote control from the predecessor series S2, S2 Mini, S3 Mini, S3 CI. Its difference is not only in the design and command system, the structure of interaction with the set-top box menu has been completely revised. This console is completely new and does not have duplicates from previous versions.

Openbox S3 Micro HD is "Quality for the best price!"

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