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Openbox AS4K + is the newest model of satellite receiver from a popular company. Openbox AS4K + is considered to be a unique offer on the market due to the support of 4K resolution, Android 7.0 OC and multi-core processor.

The main feature of the newest satellite receiver is its Android 7.0 operating system with Nougat graphic design. This shell was designed intentionally for TV media players and contains an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for users, even if the person has never used Android-based devices before.

Do not forget that in version 7.0 of the operating system Google Play Market is preinstalled. This means that more than a million add-ons and games for the whole family are available for free download. Games, player, YouTube, Megogo, IVI, IPTV and much more you can download for free in 2 clicks of the remote control!

Equipped with Openbox AS4K + multi-core high-performance processor Hisilicon with 4 cores and 1 GB of RAM, thanks to which the receiver is able to fully perform the functions of a media player. The Internet can be connected using various convenient methods — an integrated Wi-Fi node will provide an opportunity to connect to a home network, and an Ethernet LAN port provides the ability to connect an RJ-45 wired wire for high-quality and stable reception. The same model is equipped with 2 USB versions 2.0 and 3.0, a card reader, a Micro SD card reader and a port for a remote IR receiver. The latter will allow you to hide the receiver behind the TV for the purpose of convenience and to save space.

The maximum resolution of the satellite receiver is 4K 2160p, so it is possible to watch your favorite videos and movies in the high resolution ultra. The technology MultiStream is kept, thanks to which the transponder is used in saturation mode. Such technology will provide an opportunity to increase the signal power at times without the purchase of auxiliary equipment.

Additional functions in the form of AirPlay, KODI and Google Play Market with an infinite number of free and commercial applications and games make a compact and useful media extender with 4K support and expanding internal memory up to 32 GB thanks to the support of Micro SD cards from the satellite tuner. 2 USB ports are used to control the device from the keyboard, mouse, AirMouse, connect a web camera, microphone and much more. Control using a smartphone will provide an opportunity to transfer video from the Internet, display photos from your own phone to a huge TV display in just 2 clicks, listen to music and watch movies, and also use the phone as a remote control.

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