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    Transmodulator Televes DVB S2-QAM TWIN ref. 5630

Televes DVB S2-QAM TWIN ref. 5630



DVB-S2 - QAM TWIN module mix two single transmodulators in one case, skin for the transmodule signal for the DVB-S / S2 standard (QPSK or 8PSK), 950-2150 MHz in QAM (up to 256 QAM) in 8 MHz bandwidth, range 46-862 MHz.

The transmodulator is one of the most powerful loudspeaker converter, which is connected to frequency in QAM, and one QD one can be installed in a single way, allowing the spectrum to be as effective as possible.

For the DVB-S2 - QAM TWIN module functionality, it is necessary, the offense of the DVB-S / S2 transponder has been transferred to the same polarization and one range.

DVB-S2 - QAM transmodulator allow switching on whether you are servicing it from the stream, scab stink boules of disputes in the stream. Also in the transmodulator of the Vicorist procedure, the NIT table is processed for the most appropriate use of the channel from the side of the receiver.

Program and control transmodulator are detected for additional help programmer Televes mod. 7234 abo distantly for the additional control unit T-0X 5559, which allows to protect the direct connection with Ethernet.......

Схема модуля

Типовое применение модуля

Головна станція на 42 QAM каналу

The current limit of 4 A must be taken into account on one output of the power supply unit. Thus, if one of the 7 modules in the rack rack feeds LNB, then 6 modules ((250mA + 550) + 5x550mA = 3.55A <4A) should be installed in the appropriate housing.

Datasheet: Инструкция по эксплуатации в формате .pdf (язык рус.)

Description of typical solutionsРеализация DVB-C на базе трансмодуляторов T0X.

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