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Wireless HDMI Projector Vsmart V5ii

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The main objective of this miracle device is to transfer media content from various devices (from a smartphone, tablet or laptop) to the TV. This whistle can transfer images of photos, videos, PDF, DOC and even games.

The main function is to mirror your desktop, which is useful for presentations and just fun.

The device supports the following technologies: Miracast, DLNA, Airplay.

Acting as a wireless HDMI receiver, Miracast mirrors the Android device onto the TV screen in high definition and with sound. After switching on Miracast, everything - from a common interface to applications to video - is duplicated on the big screen without a cable connecting the two devices.

Thanks to the decoder, users can watch FullHD video without problems. AirPlay Miracast HDMI supports devices on Android OS, iOS, MacOS, Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 operating systems. which makes it absolutely universal.

Miracast technology is supported by all smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android operating system version 4.2 and higher. For devices running iOS and Mac OS X, the EZAir feature is available, similar to Apple's AirPlay feature.

See more information: Overview of the screen mirror Vsmart v5ii

The compact adapter turns the TV into a functional monitor, which saves the user from having to use a lot of data cables.

Why buy a Vsmart Display screen duplicator?

Your TV will become more than a Smart TV as soon as you connect the Vsmart Display

Control from your smartphone or tablet

second computer monitor without cords

Transfer Full HD images over Wi-Fi

What can Vsmart Display?

1. Transfer photos from a smartphone or tablet to a TV screen.

2. Transfer audio files from a smartphone or tablet to a TV.

3. Transfer from a smartphone or tablet video files to the TV screen.

4. Transfer online video services from a smartphone or tablet to a TV screen

(Youtube, megogo.net, ex.ua, kinoylei.ru, etc.)

5. Duplicate the computer screen under the Windows operating system

You no longer have to strain your eyesight.

You will not need to peer into small icons and buttons on the TV screen. With Vsmart all control is carried out using a smartphone or tablet.

You will not need to deal with unfamiliar programs.

You can start using Vsmart immediately after connecting. All you need to do is to press an additional button on a device you know.

You will not need to change the TV

Vsmart allows you to use the power of the processor external device. TV, purchased a couple of years ago, will not be inferior to the latest Smart TV

Additional advantages of the projector:

Access point. Vsmart, in addition to the above features, combines the functions of the access point. Your home Wi-Fi network will increase coverage with Vsmart.

Surveillance Camera. By connecting Vsmart to your smartphone, you can use it as a surveillance camera that transmits an image to a TV. This will be appreciated by families with small children.

Equipment for presentations. Thanks to the built-in Vsmart image editor, you can make real-time graphical changes to the prepared or just taken photos.

We guarantee:

* that Vsmart Display is convenient to manage

* that your loved ones will appreciate this purchase

* Today Vsmart is the best image transfer solution.

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