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Fixed wireless internet radio Aibuz HFI220

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Background music has become an integral part of our daily life. That is why wifi Internet radios, broadcasting via the Internet, which today is available almost anywhere in the world, are becoming increasingly popular. So, you can always listen to any channels and any radio programs from anywhere in the world!

      Listening to the needs of customers, Internet radios are on sale. The advantage of such models is obvious - a huge variety of stations from all over the country, more than 2 thousand, they are diverse in topics and musical directions. A compact size allows it to be used wherever there is a Wi-Fi network.

     Aibuz HFI220 meets all of the above requirements. It will be convenient to use at home, in the office or at the cottage. The receiver has a Line-out output that allows you to connect speakers or a stereo system to the device to play louder and higher-quality sound.

The small dimensions of the model make it easy to move the receiver from place to place.

The main advantages of wifi internet radio

 1. To use this device, 2 factors are enough: you need to buy an internet radio and connect wireless internet in your apartment.

2. To buy Internet radio wifi is already at least because it is a convenient to use, modern device that can be installed anywhere in the apartment without being tied to the radio.

3. Buy Aibuz HFI220 in the online store ROKS today at an affordable price.

4. As a rule, a modern radio is equipped with a convenient remote control, a convenient, economical page turning program, corresponding to its figure (memory 999).

5. The memory of radio receivers is crammed with thousands of different radio stations broadcast around the world, so you will always find programs or music to your taste and mood (choose by genre, by region and other individual parameters)

6. The radio can record the air on a USB flash drive that connects to the rear USB connector. This is a very convenient feature, as many hams, I would like to listen to the replay of the radio broadcast.

7. In the Internet radio configuration, you can configure the work of the alarm clock, clock, input language and display, adjust the backlight level, set the sleep timer, as well as the program recovery function. When you turn off the device, its display shows a digital display of the clock, with the screen fading out.

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