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    External FM / DAB antenna ROKS FM-10A
    External FM / DAB antenna ROKS FM-10A

External FM / DAB antenna ROKS FM-10A

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FM-10A meter receiving antenna is designed to receive FM broadcasting in the range of 87.5-108 MHz.

        The antenna has a circular orientation, which does not require precise direction of the antenna to the transmitter of the radio station and ensures uniform reception of radio stations from several directions without additional costs for orientation of the antenna.

        The antenna is mounted on the pipe in a horizontal position. The carrier beam and the antenna vibrator are made of aluminum, which ensures long-term operation in a non-aggressive environment.

The antenna is supplied with a matching board, passive, not requiring power.

       The antenna is supplied unassembled but its design provides easy assembly without the use of any tools. The drop cable is connected to the matching board installed in the sealed box.

Technical data and characteristics:

Antenna type - circular;

The number of elements - 1;

The material from which the antenna elements are made is aluminum;

The operating range is 87.5 ... 108 MHz;

The received polarization of radio waves is horizontal;

Gain - 5 dBi;

Directivity factor - 0 dB;

The width of the main lobe of the radiation pattern is 360 °;

Vibrator output impedance - 300 ohms;

300/75 Ohm impedance matching board - included;

Recommended diameter of the mast for mounting the antenna: 30 ... 40 mm;

Antenna length - 550 mm;

Weight - 0.43 kg;

Delivery - in carton;

Preservation of performance and mechanical properties with the force of the wind - up to 20 m / s.

       For better and more reliable reception of programs, including in the absence of direct visibility of the transmitting antennas of radio stations, we recommend installing the antenna as high as possible.

       Also, we do not recommend installing the antenna near the crowded places of birds (mechanical damage to the antenna and loss of performance are possible).

        When operating the antenna in conditions of strong winds, it is necessary to use a system of stretch marks on the tube tube and antenna elements. When performing work on installing the antenna at a height, you must use a safety belt. When installing the antenna on the roof of a house or a separate mast, it is necessary to ensure the antenna is connected to grounding devices.

Manufacturer: PJSC ROKS (Kiev, Ukraine)

Warranty period: 12 months

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