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DAT HD BOSS MIX ref. 1496

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Etherish antenna DAT HD MIX BOSS Televes ref. 1496, all-wave (6-12 / 21-69 channel), with built-in amplifier. Analogue antenna DAT HD 1495, with the possibility of receiving BIII. This antenna has replaced the discontinued DAT MIX Televes 1096.

The antennas of the UHF and Kombi of the DAT HD type are an absolute novelty in the world, marking a new frontier of achievements in the field of HDTV reception. At their output, they produce a relative equalization of the received TV signals, thereby allowing a multiple increase in the reception quality.

This antenna has a built-in amplifier with selective AGC (auto gain control). Selective AGC weakens a strong signal (if you are very close to the transmitter) and amplifies a weak signal (if you are far from the tower), thereby providing a more linear output spectrum. The amplifier is powered by a voltage of 12-24V, without voltage supply, it works like a balun.

The antenna pattern has a small elevation angle above the horizon. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the useful signal comes from above, and the signal of interference (reflected signal) from below. Therefore, this simple technique is very effective.

Main characteristics

Brand: TELEVES (Spain)

Antenna Type: Outdoor

Signal Gain: With Amplifier

Antenna design: Wave channel

Frequency range (MHz): UHF (470 ... 862 MHz / 21-69k.), MW2 (174 ... 230 MHz / 6-12k.)

Antenna Power (V): 0 / 12-24V

Gain (dB): 8 ... 28dB

Antenna Directivity: Narrow

Output Impedance (Ohms): 75 Ohms

Antenna Construction Material: Aluminum + Plastic

Support analog and digital DVB-T / T2: Yes

Cable length included (m): No

The number of vibrators, directors and reflectors: 30

Distance from the TV tower: Large

Package Type: Box

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