Over the fourteen years of its existence, the company “ROKS” has developed into a dynamic trading and manufacturing enterprise, which pays great attention to scientific research covering the area of ​​its production interests, which allows it to be on the technological frontline. Starting from the development of the market for satellite receivers of satellite television and entrenched in it, the company has constantly expanded the scope of its industrial and scientific interests, covering related industries. First of all, this applied to terrestrial television broadcasting systems, such as MMDS and MITRIS (without disregarding other systems, such as cable TV systems and LMDS). With these systems, we have gone all the way of their evolution from analogue multi-program television broadcasting systems to interactive television and radio information (multimedia) systems. The head of the company and its leading experts were constantly included in the list of co-authors of patents protecting most technical solutions related to equipment designed for these systems and the principles of building systems in general.

PJSC “ROKS” is the holder of patents for the following technical solutions:

1. Patent No. 24643. The transmitting complex of the central and base stations of a television and radio information system having the cellular structure MITRIS-SS.

2. Patent No. 36,562. Teleradio-information system, combined with a video information collection system (UWMS).



Thus, the constant expansion of the range of satellite and terrestrial television receiving station equipment, equipment for cable television networks, radio relay and fiber-optic communication lines is accompanied by an increase in the number, range and quality and novelty of the equipment produced by the company for digital multi-program television broadcasting systems, interactive multimedia systems, radio relay stations and deployed wired and wireless systems it is an observation.

        The geography of our business relations is expanding. Our equipment operates in many countries of the world: from Spain in the west to Irkutsk in the east and from Indonesia in the south to Nizhny Novgorod in the north.

         Our clients are: Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, UAN NP, Scientific Research Institute "Spetstekhnika", National Radio Company of Ukraine, Ukroboronservis, Concern Radio Broadcasting, Radio Communications and Television, MITRIS Ukraine, UTS Ukrainian Television Union, Alkon SA, KGOK, Krivoi Rog, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, CJSC UkrSat, CJSC Datagroup, CJSC Orlan, KNEU, IC UkrAziaBud, SB Argo-Trading LTD, holding company Baikal TV Russia , TRC "Osh TV" Kyrgyzstan, "5th Channel" Kazakhstan, TRK "ASA TV", TRK "Trialeti", "Lomcia TV", "Macromedia XXI" Georgia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and a number of other companies.

        The main feature of our approach to marketing and to our own production is the maximum approach to the consumer. When delivering satellite equipment, this approach is ensured by the formation of a complete set of equipment necessary for the customer (including the inclusion of in-house equipment in its composition). An integrated approach is peculiar to the formation of sets of equipment for various purposes of its own production. Its principle is to offer the consumer a complete, complete to the smallest product, so that the consumer does not puzzle over the selection of the necessary components.

        The scientific work of specialists of the company is not limited only to research and inventions. Its other types are participation in exhibitions and conferences. For many years, the company has been an active participant in such exhibitions as the Eastern European Exhibition and Conference on Telecommunications and Broadcasting EEBC Telecom & Broadcasting, Informatics and Communications - IT-Expo and the International Scientific and Technical Conference “Electronics Problems” under the auspices of the National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) ". Articles of our specialists constantly appear in periodicals, such as the magazines Mediasat, Telemir, Business and Security, etc.

        Supporting the goals and objectives of mobile operators and equipment manufacturers in the field of information technology to expand the market of information services in Ukraine, the company has become an active member of the “Association of Participants of the Wireless Data Network Market Participants - Wireless Ukraine”. Our projects “United Wireless Multimedia System” and “Wireless Video Surveillance System” were presented at two competitions of the Association and were awarded laureate diplomas.dlink.JPG

The main capital of the company is the high technical level of its specialists. Based on it, the team successfully develops activities in the following areas:

- development and production of microwave components of various equipment;

- design, manufacture and commissioning of base stations MITRIS;

- design, supply and installation of satellite Internet systems;

- design, supply, installation and commissioning of satellite television systems of various configurations and degrees of complexity, allowing to receive and broadcast television programs in Russia, Europe, Asia and Africa;

- design, supply, installation and commissioning for the creation of alarm systems and video surveillance (including wireless);

- design of radio relay lines and equipment for them in the form of radio relay stations of various configurations.

  PJSC “ROKS” has not only opportunities, but also ambitions. We have a lot of plans for the development of both business and the technical level of our developments. We do a lot to attract domestic and foreign partners. To this end, our engineers have developed several proposals in the form of technical and business projects primarily for the development and implementation of interactive television and radio information systems capable of becoming basic information transmission networks and bringing the entire population of our country and other technologically developing countries closer to the benefits of the modern information society.

We invite everyone who is ready to solve these problems to interact with us, for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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